A3 Rapid Hygiene Monitoring

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(NEW) A3 Rapid: - click here for more information
Test Pen - Price is per pack of 100: XLP-3100 
Lumiscan SMART hand held instrument: XPD-9000

Lumiscan Test Pen - Price is per pack of 100: XLP-0100 
Lumiscan SMART hand held instrument: XPD-9000

* Monitor surface cleanliness in production - prevent product recall!! 

* Lumiscan detects ATP - the universal molecule in all living things. 

*New A3 Rapid is a patented formula that can detect ATP, ADP and AMP, for much more sensitive and accurate results

Rapid : use on site for immediate results 
Simple & Easy : anyone can conduct the test 
Numerical: simple numeric display - easy to standardise 

** WATCH VIDEO ** - shows comparison between A3 Rapid (detects ATP, AMP & ADP) and other brands (only detect ATP)

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    XLP-3100 A3 Rapid Test Pen $486.00
    XPD-9000 Lumitester SMART $2750.00

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