AFX Aluminium Wall Rail

Code: HWR-

The AFX Hygiene Wall Rail is very strong and durable, and helps you save time!

It makes it easy to be organised ... keeps your cleaning tools in their place so you know where to find them.

* Available in 8 colours!

* Choose your rail length: 300mm | 500mm | 900mm

* Then choose tool holders and hooks - see Tool Holders and Tool Hooks

Order Details
    Product Code X Colour
    Price X Unit of Sale Qty Unit of Sale
    Image QTY
    HWR-3001B Blue 300mm $29.00
    HWR-3001G Green 300mm $29.00
    HWR-3001K Black 300mm $29.00
    HWR-3001O Orange 300mm $29.00
    HWR-3001P Purple 300mm $29.00
    HWR-3001R Red 300mm $29.00
    HWR-3001W White 300mm $29.00
    HWR-3001Y Yellow 300mm $29.00
    HWR-5001B Blue 500mm $38.00
    HWR-5001G Green 500mm $38.00
    HWR-5001K Black 500mm $38.00
    HWR-5001O Orange 500mm $38.00
    HWR-5001P Purple 500mm $38.00
    HWR-5001R Red 500mm $38.00
    HWR-5001W White 500mm $38.00
    HWR-5001Y Yellow 500mm $38.00
    HWR-9001B Blue 900mm $58.00
    HWR-9001K Black 900mm $58.00
    HWR-9001O Orange 900mm $58.00
    HWR-9001P Purple 900mm $58.00
    HWR-9001R Red 900mm $58.00
    HWR-9001W White 900mm $58.00
    HWR-9001Y Yellow 900mm $58.00

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