Bucket - 15 Litre Heavy Duty

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The durable food-grade polypropylene Bucket that everyone needs ... for the Food Industry, Transport, Cleaners, Manufacturers ...

* Large 15 Lt capacity with 1.5 Lt extra to rim

Easy carry:
- Close fitting lid ... keep product in & contamination out!
- Strong ergo handle reduces hand fatigue
- Unique flat side design

Easy pour:
- Easy-to-pour spout ... no splashes or dribbles!
- Hand-grip on back of bucket ... big enough for gloved hands and high enough off the floor to avoid scraping knuckles

Easy clean:
- Smooth surfaces ... no internal or external sharp edges
- Self-draining base when inverted ... avoid stale product being trapped

Easy store:
- Designed for the AFX Wall Racking and IRS systems
- Hangs upright or upside down
- Stable and convenient ... flat side sits flush with wall

* Available in 8 colours!

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    Product Code Colour Style Price Unit of Sale Unit of Sale Qty QTY
    HKB-0515W White Bucket $43.00
    HKB-0515B Blue Bucket $43.00
    HKB-0515R Red Bucket $43.00
    HKB-0515Y Yellow Bucket $43.00
    HKB-0515G Green Bucket $43.00
    HKB-0515K Black Bucket $43.00
    HKB-0515O Orange Bucket $43.00
    HKB-0515P Purple Bucket $43.00
    HKL-0515W White Lid $18.00
    HKL-0515B Blue Lid $18.00
    HKL-0515R Red Lid $18.00
    HKL-0515Y Yellow Lid $18.00
    HKL-0515G Green Lid $18.00
    HKL-0515K Black Lid $18.00
    HKL-0515O Orange Lid $18.00
    HKL-0515P Purple Lid $18.00

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