Hygiene Squeegees with White Replaceable Blade

Code: HQR-1

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* Industry standard squeegee with white replaceable DOUBLE blade 


 * Available in 2 sizes 


 * Both come in 8 colours 


 * See also black blades (HQR-9400-9600)


* Need handles?

Click here for aluminium

Click here for one-piece

Order Details
    Product Code Colour Size Price Unit of Sale Unit of Sale Qty QTY
    HQR-1400W White 400mm $45.00
    HQR-1400B Blue 400mm $45.00
    HQR-1400R Red 400mm $45.00
    HQR-1400Y Yellow 400mm $45.00
    HQR-1400G Green 400mm $45.00
    HQR-1400K Black 400mm $45.00
    HQR-1400O Orange 400mm $45.00
    HQR-1400P Purple 400mm $45.00
    HQR-1600W White 600mm $55.00
    HQR-1600B Blue 600mm $55.00
    HQR-1600R Red 600mm $55.00
    HQR-1600Y Yellow 600mm $55.00
    HQR-1600G Green 600mm $55.00
    HQR-1600K Black 600mm $55.00
    HQR-1600O Orange 600mm $55.00
    HQR-1600P Purple 600mm $55.00

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