About Us

Foodcare’s Vision & Philosophy

Foodcare Systems is dedicated to the Food Industry … or should we say indebted to.

That’s why we provide fit-for-purpose products, and new and unique products, designed especially for the Australian food specific industry.

Foodcare’s current framework consists of the same family business members who started together in 1976 … adding more great people to the team over time to bring us to where we are now. 

Still caring for our customers:

  • with traditional customer service using the latest developments and food industry standards;

  • reducing contamination;

  • improving safety and hygiene;

  • making jobs quicker, easier, safer and more hygienic; 

  • assisting in the provision of safe and clean food for all Australians; and

  • operating a quality management system, complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015


  We support you with urgent audit needs ... keep you up to date with new trends & product advancements ... real people answer the phone and answer your questions at the 1st stop if they can – no automated phone stuff here!


How have we stayed in business so long?

By making the customer our obsession!