AFX Hygiene Ergo Aluminium Handle - Euro Thread

Code: HHA-

* The aluminium in our handles have a wall thickness of 1.5mm ... increasing the strength by 20% over the nearest competitor's product!

* 30mm diameter handle for the ultimate comfort and dexterity.

* 'Euro-Thread' connection points are made from a special plastic called Delrin ... helping to make our handle the strongest in Australia.

* All sizes available in 8 colours except 650 mm (not avail in orange or purple)

Order Details
    Product Code X Colour
    Price X Unit of Sale Qty Unit of Sale
    Image QTY
    HHA-0300B Blue 300mm $20.00
    HHA-0300G Green 300mm $20.00
    HHA-0300K Black 300mm $20.00
    HHA-0300O Orange 300mm $20.00
    HHA-0300P Purple 300mm $20.00
    HHA-0300R Red 300mm $20.00
    HHA-0300W White 300mm $20.00
    HHA-0300Y Yellow 300mm $20.00
    HHA-0650B Blue 650mm $31.00
    HHA-0650G Green 650mm $31.00
    HHA-0650K Black 650mm $31.00
    HHA-0650R Red 650mm $31.00
    HHA-0650W White 650mm $31.00
    HHA-0650Y Yellow 650mm $31.00
    HHA-1300B Blue 1300mm $43.00
    HHA-1300G Green 1300mm $43.00
    HHA-1300K Black 1300mm $43.00
    HHA-1300O Orange 1300mm $43.00
    HHA-1300P Purple 1300mm $43.00
    HHA-1300R Red 1300mm $43.00
    HHA-1300W White 1300mm $43.00
    HHA-1300Y Yellow 1300mm $43.00
    HHA-1500B Blue 1500mm $45.00
    HHA-1500G Green 1500mm $45.00
    HHA-1500K Black 1500mm $45.00
    HHA-1500O Orange 1500mm $45.00
    HHA-1500P Purple 1500mm $45.00
    HHA-1500R Red 1500mm $45.00
    HHA-1500W White 1500mm $45.00
    HHA-1500Y Yellow 1500mm $45.00
    HHA-1750B Blue 1750mm $62.00
    HHA-1750G Green 1750mm $62.00
    HHA-1750K Black 1750mm $62.00
    HHA-1750O Orange 1750mm $62.00
    HHA-1750P Purple 1750mm $62.00
    HHA-1750R Red 1750mm $62.00
    HHA-1750W White 1750mm $62.00
    HHA-1750Y Yellow 1750mm $62.00

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