AFX Hygiene Ergonomic Bannister Brush - Resin Set

Code: HRB-340

The Resin Set Bannister Brush is very easy to clean ...

and you don't get an accumulation of dirt, moisture and therefore possible pathogens.

* No loss of filaments

* Click the 'Specs' tab below to see how Resin Set gives extra protection

* 2 bristle types - Medium and Medium-Stiff

* Medium is available in all 8 colours

* Med-Stiff available in 7 colours (no black)

Order Details
    Product Code X Colour
    Bristle Type
    Price X Unit of Sale Qty Unit of Sale
    Image QTY
    HRB-3403B Blue Medium $33.00
    HRB-3403G Green Medium $33.00
    HRB-3403K Black Medium $33.00
    HRB-3403O Orange Medium $33.00
    HRB-3403P Purple Medium $33.00
    HRB-3403R Red Medium $33.00
    HRB-3403W White Medium $33.00
    HRB-3403Y Yellow Medium $33.00
    HRB-3405B Blue Med-Stiff $33.00
    HRB-3405G Green Med-Stiff $33.00
    HRB-3405O Orange Med-Stiff $33.00
    HRB-3405P Purple Med-Stiff $33.00
    HRB-3405R Red Med-Stiff $33.00
    HRB-3405W White Med-Stiff $33.00
    HRB-3405Y Yellow Med-Stiff $33.00

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