AFX Hygiene Sweeper Euro Thread - 600mm range

Code: HBS-60

Many and varied materials are used for bristles, from horse hair to coir, and more recently polypropylene has been used as a 'hygiene bristle'.

But by far, Polyester PBT is the most effective bristle for hygiene brushes.

* Polyester PBT is extremely resistant to a wide range of chemicals, from acetone to caustic, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, turpentine and many more.

* Polyester PBT can stand 134° for autoclaving, without wilting or curling up.

* It has extremely good 'memory', that is it is extremely springy, excellent bend recovery, and does not go dead or flat.

* Polyester PBT is also very wear resistant, meaning you are getting much longer life from your cleaning tools.

* And it absorbs 100 times less water than nylon!

* Need handles?

Click here for aluminium

Click here for one-piece

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Order Details
    Product Code X Colour
    Bristle Type
    Price X Unit of Sale Qty Unit of Sale
    Image QTY
    HBS-6003B Blue Medium $87.00
    HBS-6003G Green Medium $87.00
    HBS-6003K Black Medium $87.00
    HBS-6003O Orange Medium $87.00
    HBS-6003P Purple Medium $87.00
    HBS-6003R Red Medium $87.00
    HBS-6003W White Medium $87.00
    HBS-6003Y Yellow Medium $87.00
    HBS-6005B Blue Med-Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6005G Green Med-Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6005K Black Med-Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6005O Orange Med-Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6005P Purple Med-Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6005R Red Med-Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6005W White Med-Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6005Y Yellow Med-Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6010B Blue Extra Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6010G Green Extra Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6010R Red Extra Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6010W White Extra Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6010Y Yellow Extra Stiff $94.00
    HBS-6013B Blue Flagged Soft $94.00
    HBS-6013G Green Flagged Soft $94.00
    HBS-6013R Red Flagged Soft $94.00
    HBS-6013W White Flagged Soft $94.00
    HBS-6013Y Yellow Flagged Soft $94.00

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