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Let’s Get To Know Food Safe Materials

While large parts of the Australian food processing market are now automated, there are still inevitably areas where contact with food is necessary. While we typically think of this in terms of gloves, there are many other materials that also come into contact with food. How and why are some products appropriate and others not

Mask vs Respirator in Food Manufacturing

In these unprecedented times masks have become very familiar to us, but what is the difference between a mask and a respirator in their application in food manufacturing?In our industry, masks are generally worn to protect food from the wearers respiratory emissions and a respirator is generally worn to reduce the wearers exposure to harmful particles that may be present in the air

Cover Yourself with Coveralls

Coveralls are considered an essential piece of protective wear in most food production areas. As their name suggests, a coverall is a single garment that covers the entire body, trousers, top and hood


Keeping the floor clean is a challenge many companies face. However proactive they are, and no matter what measures they apply, the floors still need to be cleaned regularly

Wipes and Cloths

Wipes are used to make surfaces hygienic and clean. Their aim is to remove small particles, germs and or contaminates. They often partner up with chemicals for optimal results and are truly an essential part of cleaning

Earmuffs vs. Earplugs

How do I know which one to use in my food processing facility? Earmuffs are cost-effective and reusable, but the hygiene excellence of earplugs is unsurpassed

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