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ANZAC Day 2016

8/02/2016 3:05 PM

AUK supports Legacy - the Australian Charity of the Year.

Last week AUK started donating $3 to Legacy for every customer who set up an account on the AUK website.

Thanks to our great customers and some personal team contributions we raised a total of $711.

We also support a number of other worthwhile Charities ... see our news on Australia's Biggest Morning Tea - our next Fundraising Campaign.


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Posted By Kerry Pagden

Grey Super Long Nitrile Glove

5/01/2016 10:32 AM

These nitrile gloves are super long - choose from 400mm or 600mm!
And they are tough ... with a very high puncture resistance, the 'Grey Supers' are 3 times stronger than latex disposable gloves.
Plus, they are very comfortable.  
Find out more - pricing and product summary here
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Posted By Kerry Pagden

AFX Pad-Lok System Scour Pads

5/01/2016 9:27 AM

Scour Pads

Hygiene Scour Pads - 115 x 250mm - Pk 10

* Use with the Pad-Lok Systems - Hex-Lok, Euro-Thread, or Hand Held 

* How to choose your pad type:

Soft (White) - use for sensitive surfaces
- will remove soft and loose product from surfaces

Med-Soft (Blue) - a little more aggressive, but still soft enough to not mark stainless surfaces

Medium (Red) - our most popular general purpose pad

Med-Hard (Green) - more like the stiffness of the traditional green scour sponge
- will remove semi-firm and tough build-up

Hard (Brown) - will remove baked on residue, will scratch sensitive surfaces

X Hard (Black) - extremely aggressive, very abrasive
- will remove the toughest build-up
Click here to be taken to the Pad-Lok page

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Posted By Kerry Pagden

GX50 Gumboots

5/01/2016 9:08 AM

Have you tried the AUK GX50?

Arguably the most comfortable gumboot you've worn ... Insulated, comfortable and  oh so light!

Lasts up to 3 x longer than PVC

 Available in Safety & Non-Safety Toe, in Black, White, or Olive Green ... click here to order or to check out your options

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Posted By Kerry Pagden

3XL Disposable Beard Covers

5/01/2016 8:40 AM

  • Finally ... a larger beard cover!!

    * 3XL - 40% larger than XL size

    * Non woven breathable material

    * Double loop

    * White or blue colour

    * Carton of 1000
  • Find out more here 
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Posted By Kerry Pagden

Thank you to all our special clients - that’s all of you who have purchased from AUKthe People who Listen and the Products that Work.

Don’t forget to 'Deck your sheds with bits of Wattle'.

Oh and make sure you leave out a Cobweb Brush, a pair of AUK GX50 Gumboots and a 3XL Disposable Beard Net for the fat man who comes down the chimney ... a Boot Dip Mat won't go astray either - you don't know where he's been.

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Posted By Kerry Pagden

Industrial Super Wipes

28/10/2015 9:27 AM

Industrial Super Wipes

* Industrial strength ... re-usable

* Use wet or dry, with or without chemicals

* Medium Duty 40 x 30 cm (JSC-2945)

* Heavy Duty 40 x 38 cm (JSC-2950)

* Prices per pack of 10 cloths

Click here for colours available and how to order

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Posted By Kerry Pagden
  • Simple tear-away feature for quick, easy removal and safe disposal
  • Contoured thumb loops secure gown sleeve ... added protection
  • Full-length open back - increased shoulder coverage and more comfortable
  • Find out more here
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Posted By Kerry Pagden

Safety Warehouse Cutter

31/07/2015 4:29 PM

  • Heavy duty moulded plastic
  • Pointed nose
  • Secured blade
  • Tape splitter on back of head
  • NSF food safe certified
  • Available in 3 colours

You can order this little genius by clicking here.

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Posted By Kerry Pagden

Riggamate Reflector Glove

31/07/2015 2:46 PM

Whether you are a Construction Worker, Mining Specialist, Rigger, or Metal Parts expert, optimum hand function is vital for quality living & occupation … using gloves can reduce hand injury risk by 60%.

Leather gloves usually perform the best when it comes to applications that require flame resistance, (welding, oil and gas), heavy-duty abrasion resistance, and oily metal handling.

ProChoice’s Riggamate Reflector glove, made of A-Grade cow grain leather, provides good feel, protection and durability. The tough cowhide protects against oil and water, as well as providing better protection against heat radiation than split leather.  And of course the fluoro orange back with the yellow reflective tape makes sure you are conspicuous in hazardous working environments.

The U.CGG10 Riggamate Reflector Glove can be ordered here.

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Posted By Kerry Pagden

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