FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why are your prices all plus GST?

A: Foodcare is dedicated to business customers. 
Australian businesses registered for GST claim back any GST they pay every quarter.
So in reality, if you are a GST registered business, GST is not an expense, it is just in and out.
That means the + GST pricing is your real cost.
GST is shown at the checkout and on your invoice as a seperate line item.
Q: How do I order more than 1 size at the same time?
A: Underneath 'Add to Cart' is a grey box that reads 
Ordering mixed colours or sizes?
click here
When you click on that, another box will come up where you can select a colour/size/style and enter the quantity;
you can add as many lines as you need for more options and enter the quantity for each option;
then click Add to Cart.