Hex Lok vs. Euro Thread

Hex Lok vs. Euro Thread

If you have ever had the experience of trying to connect the wrong threaded handle to a brush or squeegee head, you will know how different they are.

Or maybe you haven’t, so what is the difference?

Both thread types are suitable for the food industry and are resistant to unscrewing. Euro Thread is your typical thread type, featuring a tapered thread, and easily screws on and off.  This a universal thread type and is typically quite endurable to circular motions. The Hex-Lok is a unique product with a hexagonal fitting, and an over fitting locking ring for maximum resistance. 

The difference between them is the Hex-Lok solution can’t ‘unscrew’. When using deck scrubs and washing brushes, forming a pattern of ‘number 8’ is the most effective in ensuring maximum cleanliness, and how we naturally clean a surface. Often however, this loosens the end of the broom handle. While the Euro Thread has been tapered to increase resistance, the Hex-Lok has advanced capabilities, and improved results.

How does it work?

The multiple corners on the hexagon coupled with its tapered shape, helps it to stay stable, and prevents it slipping. The outside locking ring then slides over the top, and screws in place. The outer ring has the same thread type as a Euro Thread product.

When is this most important? 

It is frustrating when a product malfunctions while you are using it. This is especially so when doing tasks like cleaning roofs or walls. It delays the task and reduces the effectiveness of the cleaning. This is particularly so when using water fed handles, which obviously need to have a secure and effective thread.

So, while both thread types are resistant to circular movements, and unthreading doesn’t usually occur unless the product has aged or has had vigorous use, Hex-Lok provides an added level of assurance. 

But what is the advantage of having a removable handle? 

There are two main reasons for detachable handles and heads. The first has to do with replacement. While these products are designed for extensive use, and have extended lifespans, inevitably they will need to be replaced. Either the bristle will be worn, they will become damaged, or will lose their hygienic properties.  This means that the affected part only needs to be replaced. This in turn reduces costs.

To conclude, the different thread types are designed to benefit you, and help ensure your cleaning is easy, effective, and efficient, and that the best results are attained.

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