What to Look for When Deciding on Freezer Wear

While cold storage is ideal for keeping our food fit for consumption for long periods, it is an unnatural environment for humans. 


Cold storage for frozen foods can go as low as -53°C (-63°F). This requires special clothing and equipment to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, while balancing the safety of the employee.


There are many variations of freezer wear available, some things to consider when choosing the most appropriate options are:


  • How long people will be in the cold environment -this will depend on what clothing they will require, as body temperature will slowly be affected. The strength or resistance to cold of a freezer wear product is both dependent on the time and temperature. This will include head gear, gloves, and boots as well as jackets.  
  • Some freezer wear has the additional feature of a colour-coded system to allow supervisors to ensure correct clothing is being worn at a glance. This is a practical and efficient method to check the safety of employees.
  • The strength and endurance of the product - freezer wear clothing is designed to retain body heat, hence keeping the body warm. Reliable products are characterised by quality material, double stitched, elasticized wrists, and features such as pockets. 
  • The quality of the fabric - being resistant to tear and abrasion ensures the life span of the jacket as well as the ability to retain body heat properly. Also, thickness and reflective material indicate the quality of the product.
  • Pockets - pockets are not usually considered food safe as they pose the risk of foreign items entering the food. However as food is generally already packaged before entering cold storage, this is not usually an issue. Pockets are designed for convenience and can be used to re-warm hands. Body heat is often lost through limbs, so keeping these warm can help keep the entire body warm. 
  • Many freezer wear products have pockets specially designed for pens, and while this reduces the risk of the ink not freezing, it is possible to purchase pens with specially designed non-freezing ink, which are far more reliable and functional.


Although pockets are useful in keeping hands warm, glove protection is vital. One of the common struggles is balancing warmth with dexterity. Having heavy gloves to reduce the cold, impacts the functionality of the hands, while not enough protection can have a serious impact on the workers productivity and morale.


The cold environment, although unnatural, can be combated by having the correct protection and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.


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