What is a Pallet Cover?

Pallet covers are an innovative product, designed to keep products clean and safe. The two main variants include breathable and waterproof. There are a variety of different uses for pallet covers, however, both are designed to keep products free from air-born contamination including dust and/or moisture. In situations where food is waiting to be transported to a different location or waiting for further action, pallet covers can provide adequate protection from contamination.


Breathable pallet covers feature hairnet-like material, allowing moisture to pass through, but preventing other contaminants from entry. They are light in weight, with a strong elastic, which keeps the cover firmly over the pallet. The breathable option comes in both blue and white.


The waterproof covers provide a higher level of protection. Being waterproof there is reduced chance of contamination passing through, to the product below. These are available only in blue. These are a preferable option if there is any potential moisture or spray in the environment. They can also be used to protect ingredients that are particularly prone to the effects of moisture, such as sugar.


The breathable option is typically used where the product is likely to ‘sweat’, which can cause issues with condensation forming on the underside of the cover, if a waterproof option is used.


Both the breathable and waterproof options are temporary protection for food products while they are in use or waiting to cool and or be packaged. They can be used either over the product, or as a barrier in between a pallet and product stored on the pallet.


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