Why are Nitrile Gloves Better Suited to the Food Industry?

Why are Nitrile Gloves Better Suited to the Food Industry?


There are many types of gloves available, including nitrile and vinyl, that are currently used in the food manufacturing industry. Having a quality product that does not pose contamination risks to food production is paramount. Nitrile is a relatively new innovation, first becoming available in the 1990’s. There are many advantages to nitrile, and the majority of the industry prefers its quality and benefits over cheaper options.


The material of the nitrile gloves is an advanced synthetic material, made to closely resemble rubber gloves, without the allergy risks of latex. This process of making nitrile gloves increases both the product's puncture resistance and chemical resistance, making it ideal for the food industry as it reduces the possibility of food contamination.


So what are the other advantages of nitrile gloves?

  • Durability – As the quality is higher, they require less frequent glove changes.
  • Increased elasticity – more comfortable and increased dexterity.
  • Strength – they do not break with normal use, while also having a higher puncture resistance.
  • Powder free – they are available without powder, making them safe and compatible for food handling.
  • High resistance to chemicals.
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses to suit the work required.


So why do some people still use vinyl?

The main advantage to vinyl is the price, as it is a low-cost and low-quality product, and is occasionally still allowed by food safety auditors. So when frequent replacement of gloves is required, vinyl and other cheaper options are sometimes used.

Nitrile gloves, in conclusion, are a strong, durable, and quality product, that are suitable for food manufacturing. This makes them preferable to other glove types in connection with food handling, as they pose the least risk of food contamination, as well as reduce the risk of allergy exposure to workers.

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