GX50 AUK Gumboots - Olive Green

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Safety toe $74.00
Non-safety toe $72.00

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AUK green-safety toe-size 3
AUK green-safety toe-size 4
AUK green-safety toe-size 5
AUK green-safety toe-size 6
AUK green-safety toe-size 7
AUK green-safety toe-size 8
AUK green-safety toe-size 9
AUK green-safety toe-size 10
AUK green-safety toe-size 11
AUK green-safety toe-size 12
AUK green-safety toe-size 13
AUK green-safety toe-size 14
AUK green-nonsafety-size 3
AUK green-nonsafety-size 4
AUK green-nonsafety-size 5
AUK green-nonsafety-size 6
AUK green-nonsafety-size 7
AUK green-nonsafety-size 8
AUK green-nonsafety-size 9
AUK green-nonsafety-size 10
AUK green-nonsafety-size 11
AUK green-nonsafety-size 12
AUK green-nonsafety-size 13
AUK green-nonsafety-size 14

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Product Summary:
Order Codes -

Safety Toe: DUP-3454-(size)

Non-safety Toe: DUP-0347-(size)

* Injection moulded polyurethane

* Lightweight!

* Lasts up to 3 times longer than PVC

* Comfortable and safe

* Insulated for cold environments

* Available in safety & non-safety toe

* Olive Green ... also available in White & Black

* Full size range 3 to 14

Impressive? Yes.

Comfortable? Extremely.

Happy people that can work more effectively, for longer hours, with less fatigue? That’s what we want.
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AUK Polyurethane

AUK boots are manufactured from injection moulded thermo polyurethane.  This process creates a material that consists of millions of microscopic sealed bubbles, so that the resultant product is extremely lightweight, durable, thermal insulating, and hygienic.

AUK Comfort

AUK boots (1 pair) are approx 1kg lighter than a pair of PVC boots. 

So every step is 1kg lighter.     Over an average work day of 10,000 steps, that can be 10 tonne less of weight you are dragging around. 

Not only that, but AUK has excellent thermal insulation properties, which means particularly for people working in cold wet environments, or on cold floors, their feet will be kept warm, dry, and snug.

AUK Saves You Money

AUK lasts more than 2.5 times as long as PVC. So every time you buy an AUK boot, you don’t have to buy 2.5 PVC boots.

Proven? Absolutely – thousands of users worldwide agree.

Saves you Money? Now that’s what we want.

Tested to:

( CE mark, TSE mark)

EN ISO 20347 – non safety version

EN ISO 20345.S4 – safety toe

EN ISO 20345.S5 – safety toe and midsole


Complies with AS/NZS 2210.3